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Reactivate My Offshore Company

Companies with legal personality disconnect the company and activities from the natural persons controlling and managing these activities. Fulfilment and pragmatic execution of its métier allows for corporate responsibilities when conduct falls under the agreement between the company and the responsible staff member. The separation of the company from its managers works both ways. From one side legal persons are responsible for their conduct during the active lifecycle. The other side of the coin is that when the company is inactive and not in good standing, its former owners and controlling persons have no rights anymore that belonged to the company. This potentially leads to challenges that require the reinstatement, reactivation or restoration of the legal person and safeguard the corporate objectives.

Legal persons that are incorporated in offshore jurisdictions have the same characteristics of corporations with limited liability elsewhere. As such, non-resident owners and international activities may experience a combination of benefits. The company formation process is easy, fast and straightforward. Winding up an offshore company is equally efficient. Yet, the consequences of operating offshore companies are not always well thought out. In our practice we often see beneficiaries of corporate structures (partly) held offshore that require swift reactivation of the legal person to avoid disqualifications or personal liability and ensure compliance with the applicable rules.

International business and global finance developed into a complex and cross-border ecosystem utilized by a diverse yet collective group of individuals and corporations. The offshore financial industry plays a critical role in setting. The flexible company law and local infrastructure in offshore jurisdictions allows for fast and efficient company formation, and (un)intentional yet noiseless closure of the legal person. Therefore, the restoration application, reinstatement procedure and reactivation of an offshore company is a common and frequent action started by international beneficial owners.

The website Offshore Bank Failure is owned and operated by Legal Floris LLC. Since Offshore Bank Failure is an inconvenient, cumbersome and lengthy procedure, where mistakes and other misunderstandings may have severe consequences, our service package includes all steps of the recovery procedures, including the reinstatement, restoration and reactivation of offshore companies. The objective is to minimize risk and maximize repayment for beneficiaries of offshore companies. Other reasons for company restoration , both onshore and offshore are included in our service packages as well.

To accommodate our international clientele, the service reactivate my offshore company provides for appropriate information provisioning, clear guidance and adequate action prior to and during the reinstatement procedures and restoration application. Ultimate beneficial owners of offshore corporations, next of kin of diseased company owners, and other stakeholders with an interest in such legal structures ensure their position in issues such as personal liability, matters of inheritance, and asset recovery in (offshore) bank failure and investment fraud.

Direct and indirect beneficiaries of offshore companies with a valid claim towards its ownership, can contact us via the form below to discuss matters of reinstatement and restoration applications of the legal person. Reactivate my offshore company does not charge any fees before the assignment is agreed, completed and the accompanying contract signed. Initial conversations are always free of charge.