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Legal Floris LLC

The offshore financial industry offers international businesses and global entrepreneurs a variety of tools to maximize corporate efficiency and limit bureaucracy. Alongside these alleged advantages, offshore financial centers are monitored by the global community. As such, financial institutions involved in transactions with corporations and banks registered in offshore financial centers experience additional scrutiny. This scrutiny can lead to sanctions for regulatory violations and other evasions. Offshore bank failure and bank closure is often the result of these regulatory violations or sanctions evasions.

Offshore companies and financial institutions registered in offshore financial centers often deal with international stakeholders. Bank failure and investment fraud can lead to legal challenges and conflict of laws. Therefore, creditors willing to secure their investment, may wish to contact Legal Floris LLC, whose extensive international experience in challenging fund recovery procedures involving offshore financial centers provides for out of the box solutions for maximum results.

Over the years, Legal Floris LLC worked for creditors with claims against banks and companies in the traditional offshore jurisdictions and several other jurisdictions. A combination of recovery in civil law and common law jurisdictions allows us to focus on different legal systems to realize recovery in an efficient and effective way. Our objective is to group creditors to limit initial charges and create a stable case for future settlement.