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Default Capital Management

Financial institutions and banks are corporations. Corporations have assets. These assets contain value but are often illiquid. In matters of corporate administration, insolvency, and winding up, assets must be collected in and realized to fund the general pool available for distribution to creditors of the failing corporation. Default capital management acts as an intermediary solution to corporate administrators and liquidators to monetize illiquid assets and raise the pool of funds available for distribution to creditors.

Offshore bank failure often leaves bank depositors and regular creditors in despair. To mitigate damages and raise the repayment percentage, Legal Floris LLC valuates and selects intangible corporate assets that are available during resolution, administration and liquidation procedures. Such assets must be converted into cash. Legal Floris LLC makes an offer to the administrator with funds that are made available by creditors of the estate and buys the assets where possible below market value. The commercial process to cash such assets for a better price increases the repayment for our customers. As such, this increased repayment is made via the liquidation as well as the return on investment of the assets held by the failed financial institution.

For more information about Default Capital Management and the asset purchase programs that we initiate for creditors in bank failure and investment fraud, please complete the contact form below. An initial consult is free of charge and potential customers are free to decide for themselves on how they wish to proceed. Corporate liquidation in offshore bank failure is a difficult and lengthy process. Therefore, creditors must tailor an all-embracing recovery plan to safeguard their outstanding balance or investment. Contact us today to discuss your case.