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About us

The offshore financial industry is characterized by different company law regimes that allow for efficiency, flexibility and an enhanced framework for privacy protection. As a result, a broad number of global professional service providers offer service for the offshore financial industry. These services include but are not limited to company formation, offshore bank account opening, and alternative citizenships. The advantages of offshore jurisdictions can backfire in situations of economic turmoil and distress, leaving creditors in despair.

For over a decade, Legal Floris LLC successfully facilitates fund recovery services for creditors duped by offshore bank failure and investment fraud. The non-transparent offshore industry invites for a holistic and comprehensive approach towards asset tracing and collection. As such, offshore fund recovery needs a tailor made, yet extensive strategy that combines traditional resolution and liquidation procedures with formative solutions that lead to maximum recovery.

Offshore bank failure is distinct from traditional insolvency and liquidation. The scope and nature of the offshore industry purports anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing (AML CTF), as well as sanctions violations as a core driver of offshore bank failure. However, liquidity shortages and mismanagement are the main factors contributing to the failure of the financial institution. Corporate insolvency procedures in offshore financial centers often involve opaque, difficult to unravel and cross-border transactions.

To accommodate creditors in offshore bank failure and investment fraud, Legal Floris LLC has a focus on maximum recovery. Victims of offshore bank failure and investment fraud are invited to contact us via the form below to discuss their case.